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Welcome to an article which contains one of the factors that goes beyond the term of meditation, so mindfulness meditation images represents the foundation in the art of meditation.


One of the most ecercises used is full attention

  • This is an easy exercise you can do at any time of day. The aim is to focus all attention on your breath for a minute. Leaves open your eyes, breathe with the belly rather than your chest and try to breathe through the nose and out the mouth.



  • Meditation techniques are the result of an ancient tradition that has only recently been subjected to scientific scrutiny. Although currently no consensus on its ability to induce changes in the functioning of the nervous system and its effectiveness as a therapy for certain types of psychological disorders, we still have much to discover.

It is important to realize that there is a difference between attention and concentration. The concentration helps you focus your attention on one thing or the other and thus helps you take control of what happens in your mind.

But Mindfulness is a step beyond the concentration. Mindfulness is a state of consciousness, and It is an extremely powerful method to improve our ability relaxation, concentration and our productivity.

Life is short phrases

Welcome to life is short phrases, which is an article that will teach you how much you appreciate life, love her, hug her whenever you have the chance. Most know that life is almost never fair, but those are lessons that gives us to strengthen us and see if we can overcome the obstacles that present themselves and prevent perform an action as we expected.


We must be grateful

  • When this happens should not feel defeated, rather we must fight and move forward, overcome those little details that keep do everything as planned, life is usually something short and we can not miss a day complaining and lamenting, as had failure prevented or not.


  • For some people failure there are only mishaps that delay your goals, everyone has a way toadd optimism to the problems and that would be the right thing, because if we are filled with anger, worry, anxiety and frustration only going to create a gray cloud over us which will be broadcast across your environment contaminating those around you.


In summary, life can be considered a ruthless woman, but everyone reap what you sow, if you act well always be rewarded, despite all the adversities that you submit, therefore, you must fight and face things and see how everything becomes pink.

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