Hilarious Images Of Toddler Crying For No Reason

And there is no bigger truth than that, kids, specially little ones are tent to be weird, act with no real motivation and do the weirdest things for no apparent reason, like crying out of the blue for the most ridiculous of things.

If you don’t believe me just take a look at these Hilarious Images Of Toddler Crying For No Reason that will make you think twice about wanting kids of your own.

Apparently this precious crying angel didn’t wanted to use his life vest while being on a boat, that is not pretty smart billy, because if you don’t know how to swim and you fell out of the boat, you are gonna have a bad time, so just put the darn thing on son, is not that hard.

When you are so paranoid about the sun that you use sunscreen even inside your own house, or maybe we got it all wrong, maybe this precious baby boy just wants to moisturizer his perfect baby skin so it makes it look ten years younger, and that is something really smart coming from a little boy actually.

This little dude only wanted to eat a little Styrofoam, but his meant parents didn’t allow it, I feel you little guy, but be strong, someday you will be able to achieve your dream.

Being a lady is not easy, you need to find someone to marry soon if you don’t want to end up like your forever single aunt, but you can’t marry your dad or your brother, and that makes things way more complicated, and you need to use the toilet properly which is a nightmare of its own.

  • babies are hilarious
  • sometimes they are crazy
  • they do silly things
  • and they cry for no good reason

Hilarious Pictures Of Kids Crying For No Reason

and if you don’t believe just check out these Hilarious Pictures Of Kids Crying For No Reason, some of these kids are just plain weird if you want my opinion.

So if you are planning into having children I recommend you to practice your patience and negotiations skills because believe me when I tell you that you are going to need them as sharp as ever.

Apparently this sweet little boy found a horrible hot dog in the middle of his delicious corn dog, what is this kid a vegan? Kids are just crazy man, we are only starting and I’ve already lost my cool just by looking at this kid, this is not for me.

That horrible feeling when you just want to drink the pretty poisonous water but your horrible mom won’r let you,this adorable little girl just wants to drink the pretty water, someone please help her.

Apparently someone eat all the muffins, breaking this little babies heart, the piece de resistance is that apparently the one that eat all the muffins was this kid himself so, yeah, been there done that, it isn’t pretty.

When you know that you have done something bad but you don’t want to tell anyone so you just put yourself in time out and pray that nobody notices, this kid is the embodiment of that feeling.

This one I can get, I also hated taking baths when I was little, and back in my time, we didn’t have that fancy thing that storage all the food you does not get in your mouth.

  • babies are weird
  • they cry fro the craziest things
  • be prepared if you want kids in your future.


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