Sad Crying Pictures Of Boy In Love For You

Big boys do cry, that is as true as to say that the sky is blue or onions are good for you, so if you ever see a boy crying then just remember that they are just as human as you are, and that crying is a natural part of life.

Take a good look at these Sad Crying Pictures Of Boy In Love For You so you can understand that even big boys can cry if we are talking about love.

Being part of a break up can be devastating specially if you where not the one leaving the other person, so these images represent that sadness and desperation after losing a really loved person in a relationship.

Boys can also cry because of stress sometimes is just too much and we cant do more that just sit these and cry our eyes out because life can get simply too hard from time to time, but the important thing to remember is than when you hit rock bottom the only thing that rest to do is to go up.

Think about it this way, crying can be really healthy because it helps us to vent our emotions, the tears clean our eyes from any kind of dust than we can have in our eyes and come on, crying sometimes fixes everything.

  • sometimes we only need to cry a little
  • just remember than being sad all the time is not healthy

Photos Crying Eyes Watercolor Paintings 

If you are an inspiring artist and you want to express your creativity and inner feelings with a new and exciting painting but you are not sure on what to paint then fear no more my dear friend.

because here we offer you these Photos Crying Eyes Watercolor Paintings because as we all know water colors are a really nice way of painting beautiful images with simple some water and a brush, so lets check out together these amazing paintings shall we?

If you feel confident enough you can paint the whole face or most of it’s features, but for the sake of this post lets focus in the eyes, those beautiful and lovely eyes dripping beautiful purple tears, something really artistic and gorgeous don’t you think?

I really like this one because those eyes are not sad, those are sassy eyes right there, filled with energy and ready to take on the world no matter the circumstances, that is a really good example for anybody reading this post.

You can be really creative with the colors if you want to, you can stick to only one color with different tones or going for the whole rainbow, is your choice.

Express your feelings in a healthy and creative way using ART for that purpose, the shy is the limit and you know darn well that you can easily break that limit

  • follow your dreams
  • experiment with different materials
  • be creative
  • express yourself
  • create art

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