Say We Are More Than Friends Phrases

If you know someone who you like and you would like to tell to that person you would like to be more than friends. You should say we are more than friends phrases, and that is exactly what we will be sharing with you on today´s post

We are more than friends phrases, it sounds great, right?

we-are-more-than-friends-phrases-more-than-friendsFor all these reasons we think you should give a try to these friendship quotes images, as you will be able to see some lines below they are perfect to send a message in a subtle way, what could be this message about? Keep reading and you will know

  • If you want to get out of that friendzone, you must be fast because someone else might tell to that person what you are trying to tell to her
  • So keep in mind it is totally okay to be afraid sometimes, but you must face those fears and do what you want to do before it is too late


  • So what are you waiting for give these friend zone phrases a try and you will not regret of your choice

And you will not have to pay anything for them

quotes-about-friendshipWith all these things we have been telling to you, we think you should start downloading all these quotes about friendship, they will certainly be very helpful for you

And the best of it is that you will not have to pay anything for them, do not forget to download and share these being friends images, you might be surprise with the results!

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