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Hd Seven Star Hotel In Dubai Pictures

Are you looking for some HD Seven Star HOTEL IN Dubai Pictures? Because on this post that is exactly what we are going to talk about.

This is the only seven star hotel in the world so if you ever go to Dubai this is a must place to go, it is the Burj Al Arab. This is a huge hotel but it only has 202 rooms to stay on. There are two restaurants to eat.

The decor on the hotel is so over the top, it has so many details on golden and amazing colors that make you feel comfortable and expensive.

What a great hotel was that, right? It has so much golden on it. Staying on this hotel is a unique experience because it probably is the most luxurious HOTEL IN the world. It is such a classic and over the top design that it make you feel like your worth is a billion dollars just like the hotel.

Star HOTEL IN dubai pictures of the inside

Are you looking for 7 starHOTEL IN dubai pictures of the inside? Well, then this is your day of luck because on this post we are going to talk about the Burj Al Arab. The only HOTEL OF the world rated with seven starts.

Dubai is known for being over the top, so it is not a surprise that they have this expensive hotel.

The seven star hotel is because a journalist called like that and the name stayed, the hotel doesn’t pick the name by themselves but obviously it doesn’t hurt the reputation.

That was the last image that we have of the Burj Al Arab on this post, we also have an older post that you can see if you want to know more about this hotel. It is pretty expensive but it is worth every penny.

If you ever go to Dubai you have to go and enjoy the unique experience of staying on this over the TOP HOTEL

See These Images of Hotels in Dubai and Details

Hey guys. On this post we are going to show you images of  hotels in Dubai and details. So you can pick the best one, or the one that fits with the things you want, so go ahead and read everything.

The fist hotel is The Palace Downtown Dubai. It is luxurious and huge, a city resort in downtown Dubai.

The next one is The Address Dubai Marina, it has a outdoor pool and is next to a mall so you can enjoy boutiques and restaurants.

The ARMANI HOTEL DUBA is sophisticated and classic, if you are going to stay for business this is the perfect hotel for that.

The last one is the Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort And Spa and, it is rated with 5 starts.

That was everything for this post, we hope you like them and that you can pick the BEST HOTEL for what you stay on.  We will see you later, bye.  You can leave a comment if you like it.

List of the best pictures of hotels in  dubai

On this post we have for you a list of the best pictures of hotels in  dubai, so if you ever want to go there you have so options to pick your favorite one, there are a few option to you to pick.

The first hotel it is obviously the seven star hotel, the unique and only rated with seven stars, the Burj Al Arab. It is the most luxurious hotel that you can ever be on.

The next one is the Jumeirah Beach Hotel; it is a five start hotel that has its own private beach.

The Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach is on the center of the city,so if you want to know the city stay on this one.


That was the little list that we made for today’s post. We hope you like the hotels and if you have ever been on one of them, don’t have doubts on commenting bellow how it was. We hope we help you to decide the best one.