The Most Sad Movies That Are Total Tearjerkers

Movies are really something don’t you think? They make us feel so many different emotions, let make us engage in the life of people that do not exist, and they teach us a wide variety of lessons.

If you love movies as much as me, then take a good look at this list of The Most Sad Movies That Are Total Tearjerkers and will make you cry.

World war two is really something horrible, and of course that makes wonderful material for filmmakers to create super sad films about it, just like this movie about a little boy in a concentration camp that befriends a German kid.

But hey, animated movies can be sad to specially if those movies are from this particular animation company, you know the one, if this movie in particular did not make you cry during the first ten minutes then you are either dead inside or a liar.

The nineties was a wonderful time for sad movies, or at least tearjerkers, happy endings where the norm but most of the times if you wanted those happy endings you had to cry your eyes out first.

Chick flicks can also be really sad, so you can also have a fun time with your friends and cry as much as you want, so check out these wonderful films if you want to cry a little, because let’s be honest that is healthy some times.

  • Wonderful films to cry
  • cry your eyes out
  • enjoy a cool afternoon with these movies

Films Without Happy End That Will Make You Cry

Movies can make you feel such a wide variety of emotions that is almost imposible to put in into words, but I know why you are here reading these, you want me to talk about those movies with no happy endings, those that broke your heart the fist time you saw them.

Or you are looking for more sad movies because that is the type of person you are, for any reason, here you have this list of Films Without Happy End That Will Make You Cry.

You can always go with the classics, if they are called classics most be for something right? search for these movies and I assure you that a at least a tear will from in your eyes by the end of these, is amazing don’t you think? You grow attached to a character that most of the time is not real in the spam of maximum three hours.

Sad romantic movies are a stable in the genre by this point, is just the fact that thinking about ourselves in those same situations, finding a special someone or losing that special someone that make us cry our eyes out.

At the end of the day you can go for the classics or give newer films a chance to make you cry, is your choice and it all depends in what type of films you like, so make a choice, prepare some popcorn and enjoy a nice day watching sad movies.

  • have fun
  • pick your favorite movie
  • enjoy it and cry
  • crying is actually really healthy
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